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#DATASET-1558US Accidents (3.5 million records)

This is a countrywide car accident dataset, which covers 49 states of the USA. The accident ...

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#DATASET-1355Cardiovascular problems for two types of Diabetes medicines

A comparison of cardiovascular problems for Rosiglitazone and Pioglitazone.


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#DATASET-1094Athletic Participation, Race, and Graduation

Six-year graduation data for 214,555 students in 2004


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#DATASET-1554Toy Dataset

A fictional dataset for exploratory data analysis (EDA) and to test simple prediction models.


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#DATASET-1447Experiment with Mammogram Randomized

An experiment where 89,835 women were randomized to either get a mammogram or a non-mammogram bre...

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#DATASET-1030University Lecture/Instructor Evaluations by Students at ETH

University lecture evaluations by students at ETH Zurich, anonymized for privacy protection. This...

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#DATASET-851Prices of over 50,000 round cut diamonds

A dataset containing the prices and other attributes of almost 54,000 diamonds. The variables are...

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#DATASET-865A year of pizza sales from a pizza place

A synthetic dataset that describes pizza sales for a pizza place som...

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The primary reason for creating this dataset is the requirement of a good clean dataset of books....

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#DATASET-1439London Borough Boundaries

This dataset contains the coordinates of the boundaries of all 32 boroughs of the Greater London ...

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#DATASET-1559International football results from 1872 to 2020

Well, what happened was that I was looking for a semi-definite easy-to-read list of international...

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#DATASET-1542New York City Airbnb Open Data

Since 2008, guests and hosts have used Airbnb to expand on traveling possibilities and present mo...

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#DATASET-1610US Adult Income

US Adult Census data relating income to social factors such as Age, Education, race etc.


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#DATASET-153Vocabulary and Education

The Vocab data frame has 30,351 rows and 5 columns. The observations are respondents to...

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#DATASET-1561Default of Credit Card Clients Dataset

This dataset contains information on default payments, demographic factors, credit data, history ...

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#DATASET-1584Complete Historical Cryptocurrency Financial Data

Recent growing interest in cryptocurrencies, specifically as a speculative investment vehicle, ha...

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#DATASET-720Medical Expenses in Viet–nam (individual Level)

a cross-section from 1997

number of observations : 27765


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#DATASET-745Call volume for a large North American bank

Five-minute call volume handled on weekdays between 7:00am and 9:05pm, from 3 March 2003 to 23 Ma...

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#DATASET-122Data from the General Social Survey (GSS) from the National Opinion Research Center of the University of Chicago

This data set illustrates analyis of a multifactor observational study, with response given by su...

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German health registry for the years 1984-1988. Health information for years prior to health refo...

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#DATASET-296Airbag and other influences on accident fatalities

US data, for 1997-2002, from police-reported car crashes in which th...

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#DATASET-504Budget Share of Food for Spanish Households

a cross-section from 1980

number of observations : 23972


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#DATASET-1587Women's E-Commerce Clothing Reviews

Welcome. This is a Women’s Clothing E-Commerce dataset revolving around the reviews written...

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#DATASET-592Health Insurance and Hours Worked By Wives

a cross-section from 1993

number of observations : 22272


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#DATASET-1490Names of pets in Seattle

Names of registered pets in Seattle, WA, between 2003 and 2018, provided by the city's Open D...

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