A Complete Learning Platform Specifically Designed for Statistics Education

Whether you’re looking to quickly assign online homework, build your own custom interactive lessons, or quickly set up a comprehensive introductory statistics course, do it all with a feature and content-rich learning platform that can support statistics learning both inside and outside the classroom.


Educators can choose from a collection of questions to assign to students. Students get instant feedback, regarding the correctness, to answers submitted to questions.

Teacher Dashboard

As students work through their assignments, educators are provided with a real-time dashboard and custom reports to provide updates to student progress.

Learning Resources

Students can draw on a large collection of learning tutorials by topic. Tutorials include notes, worked examples, and video lessons.

RDojo - An R Coding Environment Built for Beginners

All teachers and students receive access to RDojo, an R coding environment built for beginners. Students can access RDojo directly in their web browsers, with absolutely nothing to download.

Community Message Board

Educators can benefit and participate in the community message board.

Low Cost

We strongly believe that the best learning resources shouldn't be cost-prohibitive. To help make education more accessible to all, Key2STATS has kept its pricing low. K-12 students pay a low $11.95 per year and college students pay only $39.95 per semester.

"KEY2STATS is an awesome way to get the feedback immediately for you as the teacher and for the students. It has completely changed the way I do my homework."

Tricia Bourgeault, AP Statistics TeacherFalmouth High School - Falmouth, MA

We Embrace Open Educational Resources (OER)

Key2STATS provides a flexible environment to organize, create, share, and discuss OER resources with statistics educators worldwide. Currently, we house a large repository of open textbook resources, such as OpenIntro and OpenStax, all grouped by topic. Should you desire, feel free to use these resources, or modify them, in an effort to create your own custom lessons, modules, or course.

Learn more about KEY2STATS resources.

A Powerful Platform for Statistics Education