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#DATASET-1397Ethanol Treatment for Tumors Experiment

Experiment where 3 different treatments of ethanol were tested on the treatment of oral cancer tu...

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#DATASET-889Michelson's Determinations of the Velocity of Light

The data frame Michelson gives Albert Michelson's meas...

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#DATASET-1145Velocities for 82 Galaxies

A numeric vector of velocities in km/sec of 82 galaxies from 6 well-separated conic sections of a...

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#DATASET-1401Simulated sample of parent / teen college attendance

A simulated data set based on real population summaries.


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#DATASET-1402Summary of male heights from USDA Food Commodity Intake Database

Sample of heights based on the weighted sample in the survey.


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#DATASET-1406Poll about use of full-body airport scanners

Poll about use of full-body airport scanners, where about 4-in-5 people supported the use of the ...

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#DATASET-1407Fake data for a gear company example

Made-up data for whether a sample of two gear companies' parts pass inspection.


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#DATASET-1408Bank manager recommendations based on gender

Study from the 1970s about whether gender influences hiring recommendations.


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#DATASET-1411Pew survey on global warming

A 2010 Pew Research poll asked 1,306 Americans, "From what you've read and heard, is the...

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#DATASET-1413Pew Research poll on goverment approval ratings

The poll's focus is on Obama and then Democrats and Republicans in Congress.


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#DATASET-391Areas of the World's Major Landmasses

The areas in thousands of square miles of the landmasses which exceed 10,000 square miles.


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#DATASET-648Returns on Standard \& Poor's 500 Index

daily observations from 1981–01 to 1991–04

number of observations : 27...

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A tibble with 193 rows and 2 columns. The columns represent the variables gpa and ...

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#DATASET-1418Simulated data for analyzing the relationship between watching TV and grades

This is a simulated data set to be used to estimate the relationship between number of hours per ...

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#DATASET-1163Newcomb's Measurements of the Passage Time of Light

A numeric vector giving the ‘Third Series’ of measurements of the passage time of lig...

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#DATASET-1419Simulated Google search experiment

The data were simulated to look like sample results from a Google search experiment.


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#DATASET-1421Health Coverage and Health Status

Survey responses for 20,000 responses to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.


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#DATASET-1422Pew Research Center poll on health care, including question variants

For example, Pew Research Center conducted a survey with the following question: "As you may...

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#DATASET-1425Socioeconomic status and reduced-fee school lunches

Examining the relationship between socioeconomic status measured as the percentage of children in...

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#DATASET-1431Poll on illegal workers in the US

910 randomly sampled registered voters in Tampa, FL were asked if they thought workers who have i...

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#DATASET-1432Infant Mortality Rates, 2012

This entry gives the number of deaths of infants under one year old in 2012 per 1,000 live births...

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#DATASET-411Rain, wavesurge, portpirie and nidd datasets.

Rainfall, wave-surge, Port Pirie and River Nidd data sets.


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#DATASET-413Rain, wavesurge, portpirie and nidd datasets.

Rainfall, wave-surge, Port Pirie and River Nidd data sets.


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#DATASET-1185Length of Stay Data

Length of stay for 201 patients that stayed at the University Hospital of Lausanne during the yea...

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#DATASET-1442Survey of Duke students and the area of their major

Survey of 218 students, collecting information on their GPAs and their academic major.


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