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  • Access Pre-Built Course With Unlimited Customizability
  • Completely Customize Questions, Lessons, Problem Sets, Modules, or Courses
  • Build Custom Lessons and Problem Sets Using Our Large Collection of Open Educational Resources - OER (OpenStax, OpenIntro, etc.)
  • Easily Share Created Resources with Colleagues
  • Assign Math Review Assignments to help Strength Topic Specific Prerequisite Math Skills 
  • Access Large Collection of Reports and Real-Time Learning Graphics
  • Assignments Provide Instant Feedback and Hints for Struggling Students
  • Support for both the TI-83/84 or R
  • Embedded R Computing Environment
  • Assign Over 5,000+ Statistics Question Items
  • Access 70+ Lessons
  • Design Activities with Our 1,000+ Datasets 
  • Collaborate with Colleagues on Our Community Message Board
  • Access Help Quickly Through Live Chat 


Can I customize my lessons and assignments to meet my class’s specific needs?

Yes! Every component from individual questions all the way up to a complete module or course can be 100% customized to meet your needs. If you don’t like the wording of a question, make your own copy, edit it, and add it to your assignment. Everything is 100% customizable.


Can my colleagues and I collaborate to make our own custom course?

Yes! Every learning component is, by default, shareable to colleagues across the hall or across the world.


If I want to use R with my students, does this website support that?

Yes, we provide resources to help integrate R with the learning of statistics. This includes our very own proprietary R coding environment called RDojo for basic R coding tasks, R specific lessons, and R specific assessment items. Finally, all of Key2STATS datasets seamlessly integrate with RDojo.


Can my students use a tool other than the TI or R to do their analysis?

Absolutely! Our Key2STATS lessons and question help features demonstrate to students how to use both the TI-83/84 and R to do specific problems. Having said that, students can use any statistical package (Excel, SPSS, JMP, etc.) to calculate their answers.  In addition, the website offers a tremendous amount of flexibility to modify resources to meet their needs, should you wish to do so.