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#DATASET-1595Significant Earthquakes, 1965-2016

The National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) determines the location and size of all signifi...

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#DATASET-1089Baseball Game Times of One Day in 2017

Times for one day's major league baseball games


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#DATASET-1615Significant Earthquakes, 1965-2016

The National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) determines the location and size of all signifi...

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#DATASET-92Survival of Rats after Radiation Doses

The survival data frame has 14 rows and 4 columns.

The data measured the...

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#DATASET-907John F. W. Herschel's Data on the Orbit of the Twin Stars γ Virginis

In 1833 J. F. W. Herschel published two papers in the Memoirs o...

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#DATASET-673Land Area and Mammal Species

Land area and number of mammal species for islands in Southeast Asia


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#DATASET-950Water Voles Data

Percentage incidence of the 13 characteristics of water voles in 14 areas.


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#DATASET-1477Prison isolation experiment

Subjects from Central Prison in Raleigh, NC, volunteered for an experiment involving an "iso...

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#DATASET-459Volume of algae as function of increasing concentrations of a herbicide

Dataset from an experiment exploring the effect of increasing concentrations of a herbicide on th...

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#DATASET-1228The Saturated Steam Pressure Data

Temperature and pressure in a saturated steam driven experimental device.


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#DATASET-212Occupation and wage profiles of British cotton workers

Numbers are given in different categories of worker, in each of two ...

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#DATASET-476Hormesis in lettuce plants

Data are from an experiment where isobutylalcohol was dissolved in a...

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#DATASET-251Aranda House Prices

The houseprices data frame consists of the floor area, pri...

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#DATASET-11DAta sets testing only

is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry&...

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#DATASET-1090Baseball Game Times of One Day in 2008

Game times and boxscore information for baseball games


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#DATASET-70Darwin's Plant Height Differences

The darwin data frame has 15 rows and 1 columns.

Charles Darwin conducted an ...

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#DATASET-1099Alfalfa Growth

Growth of alfalfa sprouts in acidic conditions


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#DATASET-1136DDT in Kale

A numeric vector of 15 measurements by different laboratories of the pesticide DDT in kale, in pp...

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#DATASET-912Darwin's Heights of Cross- and Self-fertilized Zea May Pairs

Darwin (1876) studied the growth of pairs of zea may (aka corn) seed...

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#DATASET-161Attributes of Animals

This data set considers 7 binary attributes for 15 animals.


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Data are from the Canadian National Cardiovascular Disease registry called, FASTRAK. years covere...

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#DATASET-948House of Representatives Voting Data

Voting results for 15 congressmen from New Jersey.


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#DATASET-192Measurements on a Selection of Books

The allbacks data frame gives measurements on the volume a...

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#DATASET-451Average Heights and Weights for American Women

This data set gives the average heights and weights for American women aged 30–39.


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#DATASET-1478User reported fuel efficiency for 2017 Toyota Prius Prime

Fueleconomy.gov, the official US government source for fuel economy information, allows users to ...

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