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#DATASET-244Hawaian island chain hotspot Argon-Argon ages

Ar-Ar Ages (millions of years) and distances (km) from Kilauea along...

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#DATASET-1525Sample of UCLA course textbooks for Fall 2018

A sample of courses were collected from UCLA from Fall 2018, and the corresponding textbook price...

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#DATASET-802Enrollments in Math Courses

Semester enrollments in mathematics courses


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#DATASET-1583Demographics of Academy Awards (Oscars) Winners

A data set concerning the race, religion, age, and other demographic details of all Oscar winners...

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#DATASET-73Behavioral and Plumage Characteristics of Hybrid Ducks

The ducks data frame has 11 rows and 2 columns.

Each row of the data frame re...

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#DATASET-345Anscombe's Quartet of ‘Identical’ Simple Linear Regressions

Four x-y datasets which have the same traditional statistical properties (mean, varianc...

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#DATASET-859Terms of 11 presidents from Eisenhower to Obama

The names of each president, the start and end date of their term, and their party of 11 US presi...

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#DATASET-1117Automobile Data from 'Consumer Reports' 1990

Data on 111 cars, taken from pages 235–255, 281–285 and 287–288 of the April 19...

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#DATASET-875Cushny-Peebles Data: Soporific Effects of Scopolamine Derivatives

Cushny and Peebles (1905) studied the effects of hydrobromides relat...

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#DATASET-365Conversion Rates of Euro Currencies

Conversion rates between the various Euro currencies.


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#DATASET-629Names with Character Set Problems

A data.frame describing names containing character codes r...

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#DATASET-140Four Regression Datasets

The Quartet data frame has 11 rows and 5 columns. These are contrived data.


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#DATASET-928Meteorological Measurements for 11 Years

Several meteorological measurements for a period between 1920 and 1931.


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#DATASET-682Elements in River Water Samples

Concentrations of elements in river water samples from upstate NY


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#DATASET-241Women in Queues

Data from Jinkinson \& Slater (1981) and Hoaglin \& Tukey (1985) reporting the frequency ...

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#DATASET-242Weldon's Dice Data

Data from Pearson (1900) about the frequency of 5s and 6s in throws of 12 dice. Weldon tossed the...

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#DATASET-1271Goose Permit Study

237 hunters were each offered one of 11 cash amounts (bids) ranging from $1 to $200 in return for...

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#DATASET-276Non-Response Survey Data

Data about non-response for a Danish survey in 1965.


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#DATASET-293Model Car Data

The modelcars data frame has 12 rows and 2 columns. The da...

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#DATASET-305Measurements on 12 books

Data giving thickness (mm), height (cm), width (cm) and weight (g), ...

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#DATASET-50Failures of Air-conditioning Equipment

Proschan (1963) reported on the times between failures of the air-conditioning equipment in 10 Bo...

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#DATASET-133012 cognitive variables from Cattell (1963)

Rindskopf and Rose (1988) use this data set to demonstrate confirmatory second order factor model...

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#DATASET-1333Example data from Gleser, Cronbach and Rajaratnam (1965) to show basic principles of generalizability theory.

Gleser, Cronbach and Rajaratnam (1965) discuss the estimation of variance components and their ra...

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#DATASET-1335Five data sets from Harman (1967). 9 cognitive variables from Holzinger and 8 emotional variables from Burt

Five classic data sets reported by Harman (1967) are 9 psychological (cognitive) variables taken ...

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#DATASET-134212 variables created by Schmid and Leiman to show the Schmid-Leiman Transformation

John Schmid and John M. Leiman (1957) discuss how to transform a hierarchical factor structure to...

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