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#DATASET-1097Amyloid-beta and Cognitive Impairment

Amyloid-beta and cognitive impairment for a sample of Catholic priests


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#DATASET-76Acceleration Due to Gravity

The gravity data frame has 81 rows and 2 columns.

The grav data set...

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#DATASET-332Sugar Data

The sugar data frame has 12 rows and 2 columns. They are from an experiment that compar...

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#DATASET-77Acceleration Due to Gravity

The gravity data frame has 81 rows and 2 columns.

The grav data set...

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#DATASET-334Root weights of tomato plants exposed to 4 different treatments

The tomato data frame has 24 rows and 3 columns. They are from an experiment that ...

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#DATASET-1358Beer and blood alcohol content

Here we examine data from sixteen student volunteers at Ohio State University who each drank a ra...

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#DATASET-80Average Heights of the Rio Negro river at Manaus

The manaus time series is of class "ts" and has 1080 observations o...

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#DATASET-595Housing Starts

quarterly observations from 1960-1 to 2001-4

number of observations : 144


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#DATASET-1619Speed, gender, and height of 1325 students

1,325 UCLA students were asked to fill out a survey where they were asked about their height, fas...

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#DATASET-342Passenger Miles on Commercial US Airlines, 1937–1960

The revenue passenger miles flown by commercial airlines in the United States for each year from ...

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#DATASET-1109US Expenditures for Public Schools

Per capita expenditure on public schools and per capita income by state in 1979.


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#DATASET-343Monthly Airline Passenger Numbers 1949-1960

The classic Box & Jenkins airline data. Monthly totals of international airline passengers, 1...

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#DATASET-599Seasonally Unadjusted Quarterly Data on Disposable Income and Expenditure

quarterly observations from 1971–1 to 1985–2

number of observations : ...

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#DATASET-89Pole Positions of New Caledonian Laterites

The polar data frame has 50 rows and 2 columns.

The data are the pole positio...

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#DATASET-1370Summary information for 31 cherry trees

Researchers wanting to understand the relationship between these variables for black cherry trees...

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#DATASET-348Quarterly Time Series of the Number of Australian Residents

Numbers (in thousands) of Australian residents measured quarterly from March 1971 to March 1994. ...

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#DATASET-1371Child care hours

The China Health and Nutrition Survey aims to examine the effects of the health, nutrition, and f...

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#DATASET-349Sales Data with Leading Indicator

The sales time series BJsales and leading indicator BJsales.lead each contain...

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#DATASET-94Tuna Sighting Data

The tuna data frame has 64 rows and 3 columns.

The data come from an aer...

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#DATASET-350Biochemical Oxygen Demand

The BOD data frame has 6 rows and 3 columns giving the biochemical oxygen demand v...

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#DATASET-1373Simulated class data

This data is simulated and is meant to represent students scores from three different lectures wh...

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#DATASET-351Speed and Stopping Distances of Cars

The data give the speed of cars and the distances taken to stop. Note that the data were recorded...

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#DATASET-353Chicken Weights by Feed Type

An experiment was conducted to measure and compare the effectiveness of various feed supplements ...

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#DATASET-354Mauna Loa Atmospheric CO2 Concentration

Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 are expressed in parts per million (ppm) and reported in t...

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#DATASET-870Bowley's data on values of British and Irish trade, 1855-1899

In one of the first statistical textbooks, Arthur Bowley (1901) used...

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