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#DATASET-730Daily Log Returns on Siemens Share Price

These data are the daily log returns on Siemens share price from Tue...

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#DATASET-731SP Data to June 1993

The daily closing values of the S&P index from Monday 4th Januar...

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#DATASET-1499Social experiment

A "social experiment" conducted by a TV program questioned what people do when they see...

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#DATASET-732SP Return Data to October 1987

The daily log returns on the S&P index value from Tuesday 5th Ja...

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#DATASET-735Half-hourly electricity demand

Half-hourly electricity demand in England and Wales from Monday 5 June 2000 to Sunday 27 August 2...

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#DATASET-1509Stents for the treatment of stroke

An experiment that studies effectiveness of stents in treating patients at risk of stroke with so...

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#DATASET-1510Stents for the treatment of stroke

An experiment that studies effectiveness of stents in treating patients at risk of stroke with so...

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#DATASET-745Call volume for a large North American bank

Five-minute call volume handled on weekdays between 7:00am and 9:05pm, from 3 March 2003 to 23 Ma...

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#DATASET-1514Treating heart attacks

Experiment data for studying the efficacy of treating patients who have had a heart attack with S...

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#DATASET-494Accountants and Auditors in the US 1850-2016

Accountants and auditors as a percent of the US labor force 1850 to 2016 updating the analysis in...

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#DATASET-1264Standard Deck of Cards

A character vector with two or three character representations of each card in a standard 52-card...

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#DATASET-1522Simulated data set for ANOVA

Simulated data set for getting a better understanding of intuition that ANOVA is based off of.

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#DATASET-761Boston marathon winning times since 1897

Winning times (in minutes) for the Boston Marathon Men's Open Division. 1897-2016.


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#DATASET-762Maximum annual temperatures at Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne

Maximum annual temperatures (degrees Celsius) for Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne. 1971-2016.


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#DATASET-764Winning times in Olympic men's 400m track final. 1896-2016.

Times in seconds for the gold-medal winner of the men's 400m tra...

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#DATASET-254Families in Saxony

Data from Geissler, cited in Sokal & Rohlf (1969) and Lindsey (1995) on gender distributions ...

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#DATASET-765Annual oil production in Saudi Arabia

Annual oil production (millions of tonnes), Saudi Arabia, 1965-2013.


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#DATASET-5McDonald's Data

McDonald's Data...

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#DATASET-1278Mites and Wilt Disease

Data from an experiment to test whether exposure to mites protects against Wilt Disease in cotton...

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#DATASET-768Quarterly Australian Electricity production

Total quarterly electricity production in Australia (in billion kWh) from 1956:Q1 to 2010:Q2.


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#DATASET-769Quarterly Australian Portland Cement production

Total quarterly production of Portland cement in Australia (in millions of tonnes) from 1956:Q1 t...

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#DATASET-770Quarterly Australian Gas Production

Total quarterly gas production in Australia (in petajoules) from 1956:Q1 to 2010:Q2.


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#DATASET-516Quarterly Data on Consumption and Expenditure

quarterly observations from 1947-1 to 1996-4

number of observations : 200


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#DATASET-771Annual average sunspot area (1875-2015)

Annual averages of the daily sunspot areas (in units of millionths o...

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#DATASET-1027Yield of dyestuff by batch

The Dyestuff data frame provides the yield of dyestuff (Naphthalene Black 12B) from 5 d...

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