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#DATASET-420Annual Precipitation in US Cities

The average amount of precipitation (rainfall) in inches for each of 70 United States (and Puerto...

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#DATASET-1443Malaria Vaccine Trial

Volunteer patients were randomized into one of two experiment groups where they would receive an ...

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#DATASET-1447Experiment with Mammogram Randomized

An experiment where 89,835 women were randomized to either get a mammogram or a non-mammogram bre...

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#DATASET-426Lengths of Major North American Rivers

This data set gives the lengths (in miles) of 141 “major” rivers in North America, as...

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#DATASET-1451Migraines and acupuncture

Experiment involving acupuncture and sham acupunture (as placebo) in the treatment of migraines.<...

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#DATASET-1200Cushny and Peebles Prolongation of Sleep Data

The original data set was bivariate and recorded for ten subjects the prolongation of sleep cause...

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#DATASET-1461California poll on drilling off the California coast

A 2010 survey asking a randomly sample of registered voters in California for their position on d...

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#DATASET-14621986 Challenger disaster and O-rings

On January 28, 1986, a routine launch was anticipated for the Challenger space shuttle. Seventy-t...

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#DATASET-1466What's the best way to loosen a rusty bolt?

The channel Project Farm on YouTube investigated penetrating oils and other options for loosening...

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#DATASET-1467Penny Ages

Sample of pennies and their ages. Taken in 2004.


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#DATASET-1469Photo classifications: fashion or not

This is a simulated data set for photo classifications based on a machine learning algorithm vers...

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#DATASET-1215Percentage of Shrimp in Shrimp Cocktail

A numeric vector with 18 determinations by different laboratories of the amount (percentage of th...

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#DATASET-1475US Poll on who it is better to raise taxes on

A poll of 691 people, with party affiliation collected, asked whether they think it's better ...

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#DATASET-1225Returns of the Standard and Poors 500

Returns of the Standard and Poors 500 Index in the 1990's


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#DATASET-205Boston Housing Data – Corrected

The corrected Boston housing data (from http://lib.stat.cmu.edu/datasets/).


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#DATASET-208Percentage of Sugar in Breakfast Cereal

Measurements of sugar content in frosted flakes breakfast cereal.


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#DATASET-1492Simulated data sets, not necessarily drawn from a normal distribution.

Data were simulated in R, and some of the simulations do not represent data from actual normal di...

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#DATASET-1493Simulated data sets, drawn from a normal distribution.

Data were simulated using rnorm.


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#DATASET-726Daily Log Returns on BMW Share Price

These data are the daily log returns on BMW share price from Tuesday...

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#DATASET-727Danish Fire Insurance Claims

These data describe large fire insurance claims in Denmark from Thur...

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#DATASET-1495Sinusitis and antibiotic experiment

Researchers studying the effect of antibiotic treatment for acute sinusitis to one of two groups:...

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#DATASET-728The River Nidd Data

These data represent annual maximal levels of the River Nidd in Yorkshire. These data are suitabl...

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#DATASET-1496Survey on sleep deprivation and transportation workers

The National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey on the sleep habits of randomly sampled transpor...

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#DATASET-729The River Nidd Data

These data represent high river levels of the River Nidd in Yorkshire above a threshold value of ...

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#DATASET-1497Smallpox vaccine results

A sample of 6,224 individuals from the year 1721 who were exposed to smallpox in Boston. Some of ...

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