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#DATASET-1410Analytical skills of young gifted children

An investigator is interested in understanding the relationship, if any, between the analytical s...

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#DATASET-1129Anatomical Data from Domestic Cats

The heart and body weights of samples of male and female cats used for digitalis experi...

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#DATASET-193Anesthetic Effectiveness

Thirty patients were given an anesthetic agent maintained at a prede...

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#DATASET-88Animal Survival Times

The poisons data frame has 48 rows and 3 columns.

The data form a 3x4 factori...

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#DATASET-1588Anime Recommendations Database

This data set contains information on user preference data from 73,516 users on 12,294 anime. Eac...

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#DATASET-771Annual average sunspot area (1875-2015)

Annual averages of the daily sunspot areas (in units of millionths o...

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#DATASET-399Annual Canadian Lynx trappings 1821–1934

Annual numbers of lynx trappings for 1821–1934 in Canada. Taken from Brockwell & Davis ...

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#DATASET-775Annual female murder rate (per 100,000 standard population) in the USA. 1950-2004.

Total Murdered women, per 100 000 standard population.


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#DATASET-765Annual oil production in Saudi Arabia

Annual oil production (millions of tonnes), Saudi Arabia, 1965-2013.


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#DATASET-420Annual Precipitation in US Cities

The average amount of precipitation (rainfall) in inches for each of 70 United States (and Puerto...

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#DATASET-543Annual survey of health-risk youth behaviors

Data from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System


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#DATASET-1527Annual unemployment since 1890

A compilation of two data sets that provides an estimate of unemployment from 1890 to 2010.


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#DATASET-123Anonymity and Cooperation

The Guyer data frame has 20 rows and 3 columns. The data are from an experiment in whic...

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#DATASET-1040Anorexia Data on Weight Change

The anorexia data frame has 72 rows and 4 columns. Weight change data for young fe...

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#DATASET-345Anscombe's Quartet of ‘Identical’ Simple Linear Regressions

Four x-y datasets which have the same traditional statistical properties (mean, varianc...

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#DATASET-679Ants on Sandwiches

Ant counts on samples of different kinds of sandwiches


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#DATASET-1310Applications to a Political Science PhD Program

Ordinal ratings (faculty evaluations) of applicants to a Political Science PhD Program.


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#DATASET-251Aranda House Prices

The houseprices data frame consists of the floor area, pri...

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#DATASET-868Arbuthnot's data on male and female birth ratios in London from 1629-1710.

John Arbuthnot (1710) used these time series data on the ratios of m...

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#DATASET-1556Arcade Game Stats

Statistics on a Blockbreaker-like Game

The author is in the process of creating a block...

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#DATASET-677Arctic Sea Ice (1979-2015)

Area of sea ice in the Arctic measured yearly in September (1979 to 2015)


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#DATASET-835Are Gunnels Present at Shoreline?

Presence/absence of gunnels (eels) at shoreline quadrats


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#DATASET-391Areas of the World's Major Landmasses

The areas in thousands of square miles of the landmasses which exceed 10,000 square miles.


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#DATASET-101Arrests for Marijuana Possession

Data on police treatment of individuals arrested in Toronto for simple possession of small quanti...

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#DATASET-358Arthritis Treatment Data

Data from Koch \& Edwards (1988) from a double-blind clinical trial investigating a new treat...

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