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#DATASET-1518Thanksgiving spending, simulated based on Gallup poll.

This entry gives simulated spending data for Americans during Thanksgiving in 2009 based on findi...

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#DATASET-1520Simulated polling data set

Simulated data for a fake political candidate.


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#DATASET-1523Transplant consultant success rate (fake data)

Summarizing whether there was or was not a complication for 62 patients who used a particular med...

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#DATASET-1533Time Between Gondola Cars at Sterling Winery

These times represent times between gondolas at Sterling Winery. The main take-away: there are 7 ...

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#DATASET-1535Contagiousness of yawning

An experiment conducted by the MythBusters, a science entertainment TV program on the Discovery C...

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#DATASET-1036Determinations of Nickel Content

A numeric vector of 31 determinations of nickel content (ppm) in a Canadian syenite rock.


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#DATASET-50Failures of Air-conditioning Equipment

Proschan (1963) reported on the times between failures of the air-conditioning equipment in 10 Bo...

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#DATASET-51Failures of Air-conditioning Equipment

Proschan (1963) reported on the times between failures of the air-conditioning equipment in 10 Bo...

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#DATASET-60Simulated Manufacturing Process Data

The capability data frame has 75 rows and 1 columns.

The data are simulated s...

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#DATASET-69Dates of Coal Mining Disasters

The coal data frame has 191 rows and 1 columns.

This data frame gives the dat...

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#DATASET-70Darwin's Plant Height Differences

The darwin data frame has 15 rows and 1 columns.

Charles Darwin conducted an ...

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#DATASET-328Closing Numbers for S and P 500 Index

Closing numbers for S and P 500 Index, Jan. 1, 1990 through early 2000.


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#DATASET-1354Eye color of couples

Colors of the eye colors of male and female partners.


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#DATASET-1355Cardiovascular problems for two types of Diabetes medicines

A comparison of cardiovascular problems for Rosiglitazone and Pioglitazone.


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#DATASET-79Jura Quartzite Azimuths on Islay

The islay data frame has 18 rows and 1 columns.

Measurements were taken of pa...

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#DATASET-1363Sample of books on a shelf

Simulated data set.


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#DATASET-1364Burger preferences

Sample burger place preferences versus gender.


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#DATASET-1365Cancer in dogs

A study in 1994 examined 491 dogs that had developed cancer and 945 dogs as a control group to de...

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#DATASET-87Neurotransmission in Guinea Pig Brains

The paulsen data frame has 346 rows and 1 columns.

Sections were prepared fro...

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A tibble with 54 rows and 6 columns. This data is a subset of the Cars93 data set from ...

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#DATASET-1384College credits.

A simulated data set of number of credits taken by college students each semester.


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#DATASET-1131Copper in Wholemeal Flour

A numeric vector of 24 determinations of copper in wholemeal flour, in parts per million.


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#DATASET-365Conversion Rates of Euro Currencies

Conversion rates between the various Euro currencies.


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#DATASET-1389Survey on Ebola quarantine

In New York City on October 23rd, 2014, a doctor who had recently been treating Ebola patients in...

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#DATASET-1136DDT in Kale

A numeric vector of 15 measurements by different laboratories of the pesticide DDT in kale, in pp...

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