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#DATASET-1350Acute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) Events

This data set is simulated but contains realistic occurrences of AMI in NY City.


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#DATASET-1351Pre-existing conditions in 92 children

Pre-existing medical conditions of 92 children involved in a study on the optimal duration of ant...

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#DATASET-1359Lifespan of ball bearings

A simulated data set on lifespan of ball bearings.


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#DATASET-1368Community college housing (simulated data)

These are simulated data and intended to represent housing prices of students at a community coll...

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#DATASET-1394American Adults on Regulation and Renewable Energy

Pew Research conducted a poll to find whether American adults support regulation or believe the p...

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#DATASET-1399Exam scores

Exam scores from a class of 19 students.


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#DATASET-1400Number of Exclusive Relationships

A survey conducted on a reasonably random sample of 203 undergraduates asked, among many other qu...

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#DATASET-1403Female college student heights, in inches

24 sample observations.


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#DATASET-1428Simulated data set on student housing

Each observation represents a simulated rent price for a student.


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#DATASET-1433Length of songs on an iPod

A simulated data set on lengths of songs on an iPod.


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#DATASET-1434Simulated juror data set

Simulated data set of registered voters proportions and representation on juries.


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#DATASET-1436Legalization of Marijuana Support in 2010 California Survey

In a 2010 Survey USA poll, 70 and 34 said they would vote in the 2010 general election for Prop 1...

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#DATASET-1444Random sample of adult male heights

This sample is based on data from the USDA Food Commodity Intake Database.


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#DATASET-1445Sample of 100 male heights

Random sample based on Food Commodity Intake Database distribution


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#DATASET-1460Nuclear Arms Reduction Survey

A simple random sample of 1,028 US adults in March 2013 found that 56\ support nuclear arms reduc...

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#DATASET-1465Guesses at the weight of Penelope (a cow)

The data was collected by the Planet Money podcast to test a theory about crowd-sourcing. Penelop...

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#DATASET-1473Poker winnings during 50 sessions

Poker winnings (and losses) for 50 days by a professional poker player.


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#DATASET-1486Russians' Opinions on US Election Influence in 2016

Survey of Russian citizens on whether they believed their government tried to influence the 2016 ...

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#DATASET-1487Simulated data for SAT score improvement

Fake data for score improvements from students who took a course from an SAT score improvement co...

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#DATASET-1489Public Opinion with SCOTUS ruling on American Healthcare Act

On June 28, 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the much debated 2010 healthcare law, declaring it...

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#DATASET-1502S&P 500 stock data

Daily stock returns from the S&P500 for 1990-2011 can be used to assess whether stock activit...

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#DATASET-1507Final exam scores for twenty students

Scores range from 57 to 94.


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#DATASET-1512Community college housing (simulated data, 2015)

These are simulated data and intended to represent housing prices of students at a college.


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#DATASET-1513Sleep for 110 students (simulated)

A simulated data set for how much 110 college students each slept in a single night.


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#DATASET-1515Supreme Court approval rating

Summary of a random survey of 976 people.


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