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#DATASET-360Yearly Numbers of Important Discoveries

The numbers of “great” inventions and scientific discoveries in each year from 1860 t...

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#DATASET-1383CPR data set

These patients were randomly divided into a treatment group where they received a blood thinner o...

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#DATASET-872Chest measurements of 5738 Scottish Militiamen

Quetelet's data on chest measurements of 5738 Scottish Militiamen. Quetelet (1846) used this ...

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#DATASET-1385Type 2 Diabetes Clinical Trial for Patients 10-17 Years Old

Three treatments were compared to test their relative efficacy (effectiveness) in treating Type 2...

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#DATASET-107Canadian Population Data

The CanPop data frame has 16 rows and 2 columns. Decennial time-series of Canadian popu...

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#DATASET-1386Survey on views of the DREAM Act

A SurveyUSA poll.


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#DATASET-1387Quadcopter Drone Blades

Quality control data set for quadcopter drone blades, where this data has been made up for an exa...

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#DATASET-1388Drug use of students and parents

Summary of 445 student-parent pairs.


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#DATASET-369Old Faithful Geyser Data

Waiting time between eruptions and the duration of the eruption for the Old Faithful geyser in Ye...

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#DATASET-625Growth of Disposable Income and Treasury Bill Rate

quarterly observations from 1963-3 to 1975-4

number of observations : 50

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#DATASET-880Galton's data on the heights of parents and their children

Galton (1886) presented these data in a table, showing a cross-tabul...

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#DATASET-1137Monthly Deaths from Lung Diseases in the UK

A time series giving the monthly deaths from bronchitis, emphysema and asthma in the UK, 1974-197...

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#DATASET-371Determination of Formaldehyde

These data are from a chemical experiment to prepare a standard curve for the determination of fo...

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#DATASET-1138Deaths of Car Drivers in Great Britain 1969-84

A regular time series giving the monthly totals of car drivers in Great Britain killed or serious...

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#DATASET-629Names with Character Set Problems

A data.frame describing names containing character codes r...

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#DATASET-119Format Effects on Recall

The Friendly data frame has 30 rows and 2 columns. The data are from an experiment on s...

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#DATASET-1143Forbes' Data on Boiling Points in the Alps

A data frame with 17 observations on boiling point of water and barometric pressure in inches of ...

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#DATASET-888Macdonell's Data on Height and Finger Length of Criminals, used by Gosset (1908)

In the second issue of Biometrika, W. R. Macdonell (1902) publi...

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#DATASET-1144Level of GAG in Urine of Children

Data were collected on the concentration of a chemical GAG in the urine of 314 children aged from...

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#DATASET-637Price and Earnings Index

annual observations from 1800 to 1931

number of observations : 132


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#DATASET-1148Old Faithful Geyser Data

A version of the eruptions data from the ‘Old Faithful’ geyser in Yellowstone Nationa...

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#DATASET-385Effectiveness of Insect Sprays

The counts of insects in agricultural experimental units treated with different insecticides.


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#DATASET-1155Brain and Body Weights for 62 Species of Land Mammals

A data frame with average brain and body weights for 62 species of land mammals.


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#DATASET-1156Data from a Simulated Motorcycle Accident

A data frame giving a series of measurements of head acceleration in a simulated motorcycle accid...

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#DATASET-392Quarterly Earnings per Johnson & Johnson Share

Quarterly earnings (dollars) per Johnson & Johnson share 1960–80.


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