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#DATASET-1394American Adults on Regulation and Renewable Energy

Pew Research conducted a poll to find whether American adults support regulation or believe the p...

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#DATASET-1393Sample of 50 emails

This is a subsample of the email data set.


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#DATASET-1392Data frame representing information about a collection of emails

These data represent incoming emails for the first three months of 2012 for an email account (see...

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#DATASET-1390Elmhurst College gift aid

A random sample of 50 students gift aid for students at Elmhurst College.


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#DATASET-1389Survey on Ebola quarantine

In New York City on October 23rd, 2014, a doctor who had recently been treating Ebola patients in...

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#DATASET-1388Drug use of students and parents

Summary of 445 student-parent pairs.


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#DATASET-1387Quadcopter Drone Blades

Quality control data set for quadcopter drone blades, where this data has been made up for an exa...

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#DATASET-1386Survey on views of the DREAM Act

A SurveyUSA poll.


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#DATASET-1385Type 2 Diabetes Clinical Trial for Patients 10-17 Years Old

Three treatments were compared to test their relative efficacy (effectiveness) in treating Type 2...

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#DATASET-1384College credits.

A simulated data set of number of credits taken by college students each semester.


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#DATASET-1383CPR data set

These patients were randomly divided into a treatment group where they received a blood thinner o...

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#DATASET-1382United States Counties

Data for 3142 counties in the United States. See the county_complete data set for addit...

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#DATASET-1381County data set with smoking ban.

County-level data, including information on county-level smoking bans.


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#DATASET-1380United States Counties

Data for 3143 counties in the United States.


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#DATASET-1379Country ISO information

Country International Organization for Standardization (ISO) information.


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#DATASET-1378Sample data sets for correlation problems

Simulated data.


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#DATASET-1377OpenIntro Statistics colors

These are the core colors used for the OpenIntro Statistics textbook. The blue, green, yellow, an...

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#DATASET-1376Coast Starlight Amtrak train

Travel times and distances.


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#DATASET-1375Temperature Summary Data, Geography Limited

A random set of monitoring locations were taken from NOAA data that had both years of interest (1...

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#DATASET-1374Cleveland and Sacramento

Data on a sample of 500 people from the Cleveland, OH and Sacramento, CA metro areas.


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#DATASET-1373Simulated class data

This data is simulated and is meant to represent students scores from three different lectures wh...

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#DATASET-1372CIA Factbook Details on Countries

Country-level statistics from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).


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#DATASET-1371Child care hours

The China Health and Nutrition Survey aims to examine the effects of the health, nutrition, and f...

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#DATASET-1370Summary information for 31 cherry trees

Researchers wanting to understand the relationship between these variables for black cherry trees...

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