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With more than 15.000 deaths for a region of 7m people, the capital city of Spain has suffered a tremendous first wave.

This dataset displays daily and total deaths for Madrid, from Madrid's community official site

Data starts at 2020-04-22, and it is updated daily in working days.

This dataset is not the official data from Spain's national health minister (Ministerio de Sanidad del reino de España).
It is the official data for Madrid's local governement (Consejería de Sanidad de la comunidad de Madrid).

Both sources - National and local governements - display different number because of the different criteria used to count COVID19 as cause of death:

  • The death has happened and comunicated in the last 24 hours -if not the data is not counted at any day!.

  • The death has to be confirmed with a pcr test positive, before the person dies. Clinically diagnoses COVID19 is not enough. This is against the world health organization guidelines.

  • Only deaths in hospital are counted. This does not include deaths at nursing homes, or at homes.

However, Madrid local governement includes deaths with COVID19 as diagnosed cause of deaths, it includes deaths in nursuring and private homes, according to the guidelines of WHO. As a consequence, the numbers displayed here are significantly higher than the national governement data.


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