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Data from the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Division I college basketball seasons.

cbb.csv has seasons 2015-2019 combined

The 2020 season's data set is kept separate from the other seasons, because there was no postseason due to the corona virus.


RK (Only in cbb20): The ranking of the team at the end of the regular season according to barttorvik

TEAM: The Division I college basketball school

CONF: The Athletic Conference in which the school participates in (A10 = Atlantic 10, ACC = Atlantic Coast Conference, AE = America East, Amer = American, ASun = ASUN, B10 = Big Ten, B12 = Big 12, BE = Big East, BSky = Big Sky, BSth = Big South, BW = Big West, CAA = Colonial Athletic Association, CUSA = Conference USA, Horz = Horizon League, Ivy = Ivy League, MAAC = Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, MAC = Mid-American Conference, MEAC = Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, MVC = Missouri Valley Conference, MWC = Mountain West, NEC = Northeast Conference, OVC = Ohio Valley Conference, P12 = Pac-12, Pat = Patriot League, SB = Sun Belt, SC = Southern Conference, SEC = South Eastern Conference, Slnd = Southland Conference, Sum = Summit League, SWAC = Southwestern Athletic Conference, WAC = Western Athletic Conference, WCC = West Coast Conference)

G: Number of games played

W: Number of games won

ADJOE: Adjusted Offensive Efficiency (An estimate of the offensive efficiency (points scored per 100 possessions) a team would have against the average Division I defense)

ADJDE: Adjusted Defensive Efficiency (An estimate of the defensive efficiency (points allowed per 100 possessions) a team would have against the average Division I offense)

BARTHAG: Power Rating (Chance of beating an average Division I team)

EFG_O: Effective Field Goal Percentage Shot

EFG_D: Effective Field Goal Percentage Allowed

TOR: Turnover Percentage Allowed (Turnover Rate)

TORD: Turnover Percentage Committed (Steal Rate)

ORB: Offensive Rebound Percentage

DRB: Defensive Rebound Percentage

FTR : Free Throw Rate (How often the given team shoots Free Throws)

FTRD: Free Throw Rate Allowed

2P_O: Two-Point Shooting Percentage

2P_D: Two-Point Shooting Percentage Allowed

3P_O: Three-Point Shooting Percentage

3P_D: Three-Point Shooting Percentage Allowed

ADJ_T: Adjusted Tempo (An estimate of the tempo (possessions per 40 minutes) a team would have against the team that wants to play at an average Division I tempo)

WAB: Wins Above Bubble (The bubble refers to the cut off between making the NCAA March Madness Tournament and not making it)

POSTSEASON: Round where the given team was eliminated or where their season ended (R68 = First Four, R64 = Round of 64, R32 = Round of 32, S16 = Sweet Sixteen, E8 = Elite Eight, F4 = Final Four, 2ND = Runner-up, Champion = Winner of the NCAA March Madness Tournament for that given year)

SEED: Seed in the NCAA March Madness Tournament

YEAR: Season

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This data was scraped from from http://barttorvik.com/trank.php#. I cleaned the data set and added the POSTSEASON, SEED, and YEAR columns

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d <- read.csv("https://www.key2stats.com/College_Basketball_Dataset_1614_1.csv")

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